The GOLDEN Years – OUR Seniors

The church does have an obligation toward seniors.

 First, the local church has a responsibility to evangelize them.

 Second, the church should be a support network for believing seniors, where they receive close Christian fellowship and opportunities to worship and serve the Lord.

 Third, the church must rethink its view of seniors and realign it with the Scripture. Seniors must be given opportunity to serve the Lord in the church. Overlooking the experience and talent of senior adults means they, the church, and the Lord are robbed of the benefit of their service.

 Goals for effective senior ministry should include:

  1. To reach older adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. To increase the local church body’s awareness of and concern for its older members.
  3. To provide seniors with Biblical answers to their problems.
  4. To promote among seniors spiritual growth and dependence on God for comfort and peace.
  5. To promote the church’s full utilization of the skills and abilities of seniors.
  6. To fully integrate seniors into the church body to make them as much a part of the church as younger members.
  7. To provide seniors with opportunities for fellowship with one another.

 The three key concepts in developing an effective ministry to older people are:

  1. Integrate them into the total church life while keeping them viable as a group.
  2. Involving them in the total mission and worship life of the church. Put them to work.
  3. Help them in practical ways.

 Not only are people living longer these day, they are enjoying living longer. Longer life expectancies translate into better health and vigour enjoyed by older people. Today’s seniors have realized that retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the rocking chair. Many love to travel, sightsee, exercise, have fun, make new friends and do all the things they were too busy to do when they were working.

At Faith Fellowship Worship Centre, the senior fellowship on the third Thursday of each month.

Join us in singing, bible studies, exhortations and lunch.

Help us plan our next out of town bus trip,

You can also participate in seniors Sunday on the 5th Sunday of the month.