Sunday School


Our Heartbeat…The Nursery…

In an era where Sunday School has become obsolete, we at the Faith Fellowship Worship Centre believe that it is still a very necessary and integral part of church life. It is through this forum that we provide undiluted teaching, guidance and enlightenment through the inspired word of God in an interactive and exploratory small group setting.

 Through this essential ministry, students are provided the opportunity to learn and better understand the love of Jesus Christ and His requirements for us. These weekly engagements and immersion in the scriptures help to facilitate spiritual awareness, growth and development.

Deuteronomy 6: 5 declares, “And thou shall teach them diligently unto thy children…..”

This speaks to the earnest, careful, assiduous and devoted attention that should be given to instructing children about the amazing love of God, and as a church, we feel it is our responsibility and God-given mandate to partner with parents to do just that.

Our Sunday School caters to all age groups, from nursery to adults, and our classes are equipped with saved, sanctified, enthusiastic and inspired teachers who teach not so much from the head, but from the heart. Our teachers ensure that the lesson is done in an interesting, interactive and engaging way. This is done in a loving and caring atmosphere. Each teacher is guided by a Sunday School literature. However, the Bible is the central book of reference.

Each Sunday morning from 10:00 am – 10:45 am our scholars are immersed in various creative and innovative activities wherein they learn bible stories, talk about biblical characters, taught godly principles, attitudes, values and godly expectations.

We at Faith Fellowship Worship Centre, adamantly, believe that the Sunday School is not only the heartbeat of a church, but the nursery – the place where spiritual seeds are planted, and subsequently, geminated.

We implore everyone to send his or her child/ren to Sunday School, and ensure that you too become a regular attendee. An awesome time awaits you!



Our Vision Statement

“Changing lives for the kingdom of God.”


Our Sunday School Team


Still under construction…


Primary Class:

Ages 4 – 10

Teacher: Mellisa Harley – Morris 


Junior High Class:

Ages 11 – 15

Teachers: Tashi Brown-Crooks and  Merilyn Branwell


Young People’s Class:

Ages 16 – 22

Teachers:  Carolee Lord


Adult Class:

Age 23- senior

Teachers: Pastor Nigel Graham and Maureen Bell-Guthrie



Sis Charmaine Desouza